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فمن كان يرجوا لقاء ربه فليعمل عملا صالحا ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه أحدا

Aug 31, 2011

Uhud Battle

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The archer of Uhud Battle
& I haven't listened to the CD

3rd Shawwal.

Perhaps... tomorrow is the day of the Uhud Battle. [QA Uhud]

To set things in perspective, after the muslims emigrated to Medina, the Meccans sent a giant army to war with them in the Battle of Badr. [QA Badr] But by Allah's Grace, the small muslim army defeated the giant army 3 times its size. It was a great victory for the muslims. But the Meccans soon mobilize another army to avenge their lost. & they fought again on the plains of Mount Uḥud, on the 3rd of Shawwal 3 Hijrah.

This is the Battle of Uhud. Size: about 1 muslim against 3.

At first, the muslims appeared victorious. But sadly, the archers committed a grave mistake. They left their assigned posts on the hill - a breach of Prophet Muhammad's command - to collect the spoils of war. These gave way for a second assault by the Meccans, and soon the muslims were attacked from all sides. They finally retreated to Mount Uhud. & my beloved Hamza, Lion of Heaven, was martyred.

Still... isn't it beautiful how Khalid al Walid, who led the second assault against muslims, eventually embraced Islam. He became Saifullah (Sword of Allah). And by Allah's Grace, he was undefeated in battles. The Sword of Allah cannot break! But it can get old. & he too passed away... simply in old age.

By destiny, I recently found Orion. Doesn't it look like the muslim archers! How Orion has a star called Saiph (Saif). I imagine the two men I love dearly. They used to be enemies. But now, they're brothers.

I seek refuge to Allah SWT from errors.
Only Allah SWT Knows Best. والله أعلم

Aug 21, 2011

Al Hashemi

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Is it a good time to say this? (◕‿◕)

I think I like knowing about Reem Al Hashemi, Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates. الحمد لله ‎(◠‿◠✿) She seems to carry herself very well among the leaders! Especially being an arab woman, & wearing the hijab. يدنين عليهن من جلابيبهن [Q33:59 | QA] It's like, thank Allah SWT, such a woman exists!

She went to Harvard Uni & served in the UAE Embassy in Washington. She even appeared on international news programmes as the UAE representative. So, even with the hijab & looking conservative, she's western educated & had even accompanied Queen Elizabeth. Looks like, you can still look like a conservative among them. Yeah, she makes me feel pretty & not oppressed LOL (◠‿◠✿)

Currently, she's also Chairperson of Dubai Cares. الحمد لله [khaleejtimes]

..................... Here's pics of her .....................

May 2011 She's leading UAE delegation of top officials
to the first Australian Arab Business Forum & Expo in Melbourne

Nov 2010 She's accompanying Queen Elizabeth at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sep 2010 With Angela Merkel & Hasina Wazed; Sep 2011 At the Forbes Conference in Malaysia

Reem works with the Sheikhs, the ruling families of the UAE. & may I say that, I sense people could be proud to be connected with the ruling elites. But among the Sheikhs, Reem seems to have a radiance all of her own. من كان يريد العزة فلله العزة جميعا إليه يصعد الكلم الطيب والعمل الصالح يرفعه [Q35:10]

.............................. ..............................

Al Hashemi. ألله يحـفـظها

And... Honestly, I kinda wonder about the Al Hashemi name. Does it relate to Banu Hashim? As in Prophet Muhammad's family? والله أعلم Of course, I searched & read that Banu Hashim had its name from Hashim, the great-grandfather of Prophet Muhammad. The house of his grandfather, Abd al-Muttalib of Banu Hashim of Quraysh, are actually nobles in pre-Islamic Mecca, as they're caretakers of the Kaabah.

Now, the custodian of the two Holy Mosques is King Abdullah.

I seek refuge to Allah from errors.
Only Allah SWT Knows Best. والله أعلم

Aug 9, 2011


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So, I just wanna talk about cookies! Here, we serve colorful cookies on Eid. There's a whole cookie industry going on Ramadhan to cater to this. Check out this list of cookies! (*v*) Usually sold in round jars similar to danish cookies, it's around ~RM20-25 (~US$7-9) each.

I'm wishing for: (◠9◠)

London Almond
The cookie has almond inside, topped with chocolate & more crushed almonds. It's totally delicious, I once finished 2 jars of it in a matter of days. (◠9◠)

I looove this cookie! I think it's a simple butter cookie with cherries. Yet the pretty shape makes it more tempting. If I know how to bake this, I'd love to make it every month.
Sarang Semut (Ants' Nest)
Actually I haven't tasted it yet ha ha. But it looks delicious. Is it butter cookies? I hope it isn't too sweet.
I have no idea why its called Denmark. I've never tasted it before, it's a modern cookie. Still, it looks delicious. I think it's nutty and chocolaty.
Mocha Cookies
Haven't tasted it. But mocha seems inviting! I know, sorry! I haven't tasted many types of modern cookies.
Batang Buruk
Yummy! This is a traditional cookie. It's crispy rolls powdered with nuts. Really nice to munch. & I prefer the good old recipe.
Also a traditional cookie. OK maybe it's not a cookie but it's served as well. It's spongy like muffins, but without the rich butter taste. Maybe it's simply flour, eggs & sugar.
Kek Lapis Asam
I know it's not a cookie too but we have cakes. & this is a thick layer cake, with pieces of asam in between. Somewhat like fruit cake maybe. I love this cake, I've tasted it & it's savory.

These cookies are available in shops or home-made (orders through friends). & Malay retailers have become more modern now. I ate a delicious blueberry bread the other day. Even the good old pineapple tarts now have blueberry tarts too. الحمد لله

Sometimes people buy to support small businesses run by housewives.

Aug 7, 2011

Super Rich

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Was Jerusalem the greatest kingdom of all time
Yet Solomon still listened to the small female ant

ربي أوزعني أن أشكر نعمتك التي أنعمت عليّ وعلى والديّ وأن أعمل صالحاً ترضاه [Q27:18-19]

Oh to be rich! Perhaps... it's nice if I can order a grand buffet for every meal time. Not worrying about my next meal. Have diamond studs in my mansion ceilings. With 10,000 maids. & wear the nicest dresses, go to elite parties. Most especially the respect. Like... If the lower castes eat in plastic plates, I will be served in crystal plates at the best table with a personal waiter. The chefs would be excited just to come up with the perfect 7-course meal for me! Yay! (◠9◠)

But... That's not the purpose of life. (T-T)
كلا بل تحبون العاجلة وتذرون الآخرة [Q75:20-21]

Still, it's not that people should be destitute. If ever there was such a rich king to aspire to, I think it could be Prophet Solomon . Allah (SWT) blessed him with the greatest kingdom of all time. الحمد لله Still, Allah (SWT) commands - اعملوا آل داود شكرا Work, o family of David, in gratitude. [Q34:13] & he worked righteousness to please Allah (SWT). And finally, he rests in peace, blessed with the mercy of Allah (SWT) - to a beautiful place of final return. سلاما سلاما
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
وما أموالكم ولا أولادكم بالتي تقربكم عندنا زلفى
إلا من آمن وعمل صالحا فأولئك لهم جزاء الضعف بما عملوا وهم في الغرفات آمنون
And it is not your wealth, nor your children that bring you nearer to Us, but only he who believes and work righteousness, these are the ones for whom there is a double reward for their deeds, and they will reside in the high dwellings (Paradise) in peace and security. [Holy Quran 34:37]
The only reason to aspire to be rich is the great service one can offer to society. Provide capital for businesses, charities and protect the people etc. Isn't it beautiful to see people whom Allah (SWT) bestowed great wealth who understand that. I think I want to be jealous of them... (◠v◠)v
لا حسد إلا في اثنتين
رجل آتاه الله مالا فسلطه على هلكته في الحق
ورجل آتاه الله حكمة فهو يقضي بها ويعلمها
Narrated Ibn Mas'ud: I heard the Prophet saying, "There is no envy except in two: a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the right way, and a person whom Allah has given wisdom and he gives his decisions accordingly and teaches it to the others." [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 2 Book 24 Hadith 490]

Peace be upon you

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