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فمن كان يرجوا لقاء ربه فليعمل عملا صالحا ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه أحدا

Jan 31, 2012


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They say science is hard & boring. And lesser & lesser students are going into science. But I still hold strongly the need for society to support science. Here is how science benefits us in so many ways:

إذ قال الله ... وتبرئ الأكمه والأبرص بإذني [Q5:110]
Research in healthcare treats illness & disabilities, or at least eases the pain, God Wills. Isn't it nice if you're ill there are treatments, or if you're saved from disabilities, or there's hope in new discoveries (like angiogenesis [video]). Medical imaging too helps diagnosis - the first radiology course was given by Marie Curie & Institut Curie still lives. [web] ماشاء الله
فليصل رحمه [SB8.73.15]
The world is now closer. You can be on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon etc. You can pay bills, shop, donate with online banking. Businesses too has gone global. BTW the internet started from the telephone, invented by AG Bell. He was trying to help the deaf, & AG Bell Association still lives. [web] ماشاء الله
يهدون بالحق وبه يعدلون [Q7:181]
As seen on CSI, a forensic investigator can examine bones to deduce the gender, age, height, race; as well as medical history and manner of death. Blood and bodily fluids can be analyzed. Firearms can be tested. BTW computers can also aid police work, e.g.: photo fit, biometric, simulation etc.
Search & Rescue
ومن أحياها فكأنما أحيا الناس جميعا [Q5:32]
Now, satellite maps help rescue efforts. E.g: Google Earth has been used to locate disaster areas, report seismic activities, monitor hurricanes etc. It can also help in planning the logistics - e.g.: the best routes, aid distribution, reports of the affected people in the area. الحمد لله
Human Existence
أفلم ينظروا إلى السماء فوقهم [Q50:6]
The ancient people have been looking at the stars to find direction to travel the oceans & deserts; or predict the coming seasons for agriculture. Now, I love space research bcoz the universe is beyond our imagination which is humbling. It shows how small & fragile we are in this universe. ماشاء الله

Well, I understand that, not everyone is interested in stuffs like these:

It's like an alien isn't it. (>-<) But there are others who love it & understand what it is. & I hope we support them as their knowledge benefits mankind. الحمد لله

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

يؤتي الحكمة من يشاء ۚ ومن يؤت الحكمة فقد أوتي خيرا كثيرا ۗ وما يذكر‌ إلا أولو الألباب
He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding. [Holy Quran 2:269]

ۚ يرفع الله الذين آمنوا منكم والذين أوتوا العلم درجات
... Allah will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees... [Partial Holy Quran 58:11]

Knowledge benefits mankind & the world
Please support knowledge & education, thank you (◠v◠)/

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from errors.
Only Allah SWT Knows Best والله أعلم

Jan 18, 2012

Nature Stamps

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Western Sahara | map
These birds are the Ibis, Namaqua Dove and Kori Bustard. & Kori Bustard is perhaps the heaviest bird capable of flying. Geographically, the Sahara OCC is a disputed region so these stamps may not be accepted.
Afghanistan | map
These stamps were issued 3 years before their first astronaut, Abdul Ahad Mohmand flew into space. I read when he spoke with his mother, Pashto became the 4th language spoken in space. ماشاء الله

Cuba | map
These birds are the Great Crested Grebe, Weka and Bushwren. So sad, Bushwren is believed to be extinct. & Weka is under legal protection in New Zealand. BTW, I read Cuba is a Carribean island whose natural beauty is preserved due to its isolation.
UAE | map
These flowers look like Calla Lilies, Peonies and Daffodils. & Dh65? Wow... & these are from Sharjah, some using Riyal, so they could be issued before or close to when the UAE was born in 1971.
Romania | map
Maybe the left are Violets, and the middle are Snapdragons. The right? Sorry, somehow I only found the Danube Delta - the second largest delta in Europe & a bird watcher’s paradise. BTW, Romania is famous for the Black Sea & castles. Update : it's Flowering Rush.
Kyrgystan | map
Uzbekistan | map
Sorry, I can't read Kyrgyz or Uzbek. (◠v◠)v Anyway, Kyrgyzstan is famous for its horses & Uzbekistan is famous for its architecture. Being in the Silk Road - a route linking between ancient Rome & China - do the people look in between? & most are muslims. ماشاء الله

My childhood stamp collection III
collection Icollection II

Old school space stamps! الحمد لله (^v^)

Jan 17, 2012


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I just found this website sunnah.com الحمد لله
& the most intriguing part is... I recognize that design.
It's from the Alhambra

Have I told you Alhambra is haunting me. (◠v◠) Anyway short story shorter, I was simply browsing websites. & when I found this one, my mind went "ummm.. isn't that from the walls of the Alhambra?"

& yes it is! ماشاء الله

I'm mesmerized. My memory can remember that wall & its intricacies! الحمد لله Well honestly, maybe I remember this bcoz I also used an Alhambra wall for one of my designs too, ha ha. But I used the design below, and not the one above. It's a totally different design. Still, I'm happy I can identify where the design comes from. I feel like a forensic expert. (◠v◠)

BTW, the medieval Alhambra design isn't just beautiful. Its mosaic have also helped scientists understand what quasicrystals look like at the atomic level. & this discovery of quasicrystal had just won the Nobel in Chemistry 2011.

.: ❀ الحمد لله ❀ :.

And this is the design, inspired by quasicrystal | The Law
and yes Malays used to write in Arabic (Jawi جاوي) ✿ Ana Arab

Jan 8, 2012


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There are manners even in eating bread

Serving guests, visiting friends, dining at events - there are manners. A nation with excellent manners shows the people have achieved a higher, civilized way of living. In Islam, manners are very much appreciated - the best people is the best in their manners.
لم يكن النبي فاحشا ولا متفحشا
وإنه كان يقول : إن من خياركم أحسنكم أخلاقا
Narrated Masruq : We were sitting with Abdullah bin Amr who was narrating to us (Hadith): He said, "Allah's Messenger was neither a Fahish nor a Mutafahhish, and he used to say, 'The best among you are the best in character (having good manners)."' [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 8 Book 73 Hadith 61]
Still, in acquiring excellent manners, one would see the many rules. (~-~)' Rules which defines what is right & what is wrong. What you should do & what you shouldn't do. What is nice & what is not. It shouldn't be overwhelming, sweetheart. Maybe it's somewhat less strict than charm school?

And in Islam, there's also the etiquette of passing to the right:
Narrated Sahl bin Sad : Allah's Messenger was offered something to drink. He drank of it while on his right was a boy and on his left were some elderly people. He said to the boy, "May I give these (elderly) people first?" The boy said, "By Allah, O Allah's Messenger! I will not give up my share from you to somebody else." On that Allah's Messenger placed the cup in the hand of that boy. [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 7 Book 69 Hadith 524]
So sweet of Rasulullah! I think it's so charming. Perhaps he asked the little boy's permission to give the drink to his left as a sign of respect for the elderly. Still, the boy wished for his drink first, so Rasulullah respected the little boy's wish. ماشاء الله

For social relationships, there are manners revealed in Surah Al-Hujuraat. الحمد لله

Yes... there are many manners to learn. Hopefully, it is easy:
إن الدين يسر
ولن يشاد الدين أحد إلا غلبه فسددوا وقاربوا وأبشروا
واستعينوا بالغدوة والروحة وشيء من الدلجة
Narrated Abu Huraira : The Prophet said, "Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists, but try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded; and gain strength by worshipping in the mornings, the nights."
[Sahih Bukhari Vol 1 Book 2 Hadith 38]
بينا أنا نائم رأيت الناس عرضوا علي وعليهم قمص
فمنها ما يبلغ الثدي، ومنها ما يبلغ دون ذلك، وعرض علي عمر وعليه قميص اجتره
قالوا فما أولته يا رسول الله، قال الدين
Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: I heard Allah's Messenger saying, "While I was sleeping, the people were presented to me (in a dream). They were wearing shirts, some of which were merely covering their (chests). And some were a bit longer. Umar was presented before me and his shirt was so long that he was dragging it." They asked, "How have you interpreted it, O Allah's Messenger?" He said, "Religion."
[Sahih Bukhari, Vol 5 Book 57 Hadith 40]
This is Umar al-Khattab, who initially disbelieved Rasulullah, but was still blessed with Guidance by Allah SWT. So much he is called Al Farouq, as from concealment Islam became public. الحمد لله

I seek refuge to Allah SWT from errors
Only Allah SWT Knows best والله أعلم

Jan 2, 2012


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I love a light, bright, airy home. I love the radiance shining in the home every morning. الليل لتسكنوا فيه والنهار مبصرا [Q10:67] It's so beautiful & uplifting. The light, and the breath of fresh air... It makes me so happy. Perhaps, this bedroom is close to what I love, only with a tint of soft color.

It'd be even nicer to have these beautiful lamps. & the flowers. & the fragrances - I never had arabian oud before, but I'd love to perfume the home. فناولني طيبا [SB3.47.756] ماشاء الله by destiny, the first one I found online is the ‘Al-Hamra’, one of the best perfumes at the FiFi Awards. Mmmmm...

I'd want a shelf too for the books. اللهم علمه الحكمة [SB5.57.100]

& the laundry basket, absolutely. وثيابك فطهر [Q74:4] Coz it looks so romantic. It even have ribbons, who would have guessed it's the laundry inside.

BTW, it's official - I'm off electrical appliances. Ha ha... So I don't require the TV or the computer inside my bedroom. I'll choose very minimal electrical appliances. Maybe only the lamp & fan, that's all. I hope that stars on the ceiling is a glow in the dark.

Peace be upon you

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