שמע ישראל ה' אלהינו ה' אחד
فمن كان يرجوا لقاء ربه فليعمل عملا صالحا ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه أحدا

Dec 24, 2017


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Man . Rise Shine . Pulse
ואתנך לברית עם לאור גוים

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
كذلك الإيمان حين تخالط بشاشته القلوب

this is faith when its delight enters the hearts
and mixes with them completely

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from errors
Only Allah SWT Knows Best والله أعلم

Nov 1, 2017

Rise & Shine

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OK imagine the universe is basically tiny particles, which some of it grew into things (you)
While the rest of the particles that are still flying around is light, they travel and hit you
So when your nerves (eyes) senses this, your brain determines it, say color (visible light)

But your eyes can't sense all particles — like XRay or microwave — even as they hit you ثاقب
These particles are beyond visible light, they are invisible, you simply can't see them لا ترونهم

So this is where your own body radiating infrared light acts as a shield ☆ pulse
The stronger shield is closer to visible light, as it is faster, smaller and lighter (blue)
The weaker shield is farther away, as it is slower, bigger and denser (red)

  lighter object rises    |    denser object falls  


small, high energy visible light radiates strong shield
qi gongnirvanaما شاء الله والله أعلم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
قد جاءكم بصائر من ربكم فمن أبصر فلنفسه

There has come to you enlightenment from your Lord
so whoever will see does so for (the benefit of) his soul


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 1  The ancestry of Malay sultans

 2  The map of Malay states and its neighbors
Macedon in the 4th century BC dawns the Hellenistic Era 1

 3  The Malay history from 3rd to 15th century
alongside events which shapes the world

3rd – 5th century

A large scale iron smelting industry existed in Lembah Bujang, Langkasuka. | ref
5th century
Kalathana Federation

Independance of Kalathana Federation from Funan. It included 4 states – Kalathana (Kelantan), Thanathana (Terengganu), Gangga Negara 2 (Perak), and Kuli (Pahang). In 427, it included Langkasuka.
6th century
Tanah Merah

Kalathana was renamed Tanah Merah (Chih Tu 赤土). 3

In 591, its ruler Gautama stepped down to spread Buddhism.
Roman – Persian Era
7th century

Tanah Merah expanded its empire to Palembang and renamed Srivijaya.

Palembang became a centre of Buddhism. Yijing (義淨) translated Sanskrit scriptures into Chinese and brought back translated Buddhist texts to China in 695.
8th – 10th century

In 718, Sri Indravarman sent a letter to the Umayyad Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz requesting a scholar to teach Islam.

In 792, Srivijaya united with Sailendra. In 903, Ibn Rustah noted its prosperity. The people reached as far as Madagascar.
11th – 14th century
Fall, Singapura

In 1025, Srivijaya was attacked by the Chola Empire and Sangrama was captured. In 1028, his son Sri Deva succeeded him.

In 1299, Nila Utama, a descendant of Srivijaya royals founded Singapura.
Prophet Muhammad
Ar Rashidun
Islam Golden Age
8th Abbasid ☆ Baitul Hikmah
9th Samanid ☆ Bukhara
10th Umayyad ☆ Andalus
Islam Golden Age
11th Kara Khanid, Seljuk
11th Su Fei Erh, Hui (回族) 4
13th Mongol, Mamluk
9th – 14th century
North Sumatra

Islam was embraced through friendships and marriages with Arabs, Persians, Indians who came by the sea route. | ref

In 840, the Perlak Sultanate was established. In 1345, Ibn Batutta noted the Samudera Pasai ruler was a Muslim.
12th – 14th century
North Peninsula

In 1136, Mudzaffar Shah I embraced Islam and became the first Sultan of Kedah.

The Batu Bersurat of Terengganu dated 1303 shows the advent of Islam and the Jawi script.
15th century

In 1400, Iskandar Shah embraced Islam and became the first Sultan of Melaka. Then under Mansur Shah, Melaka became a centre of scholarship and Islam. | ref

Zheng He's (郑和) 5 armada safeguards the region under the Ming (明) Dynasty. | ref
Islam Golden Age
13th Mongol, Mamluk
Islam Golden Age
13th Mongol, Mamluk
15th Ottoman
15th Spain ☆ Renaissance

[1] Alexander spread cities (póli : पुर pur) across Asia
[2] Gangga Negara seems like Ganganagar | Himalayas
      and छुरी Cura Si Manjakini seems like Mandakini River
赤土 means "red earth" | laterite [3]
回纥 refers to Uyghurs | DNA R1 [4]
Zheng He roots from Bukhara [5]

bazaar παζάρι
بازار बाजार pasar
body بدن
बदन badan
current קרן
किरण kirana
duo δύο
دو दो dua
fairy پری
परी pari
genus γένος
جنس jenis
hero ήρωας
वीर wira
κεφάλι کله
कपाल kepala
κουτί قوطی
चौखटा kotak
हृदय hati
lamp λάμπα
لامپا लैंप lampu
mega μέγας
मन minda
man אנוש ناس
मनुष्य manusia
marble μάρμαρο
مرمر मरमर marmar
name όνομα
نام नाम nama
paradise παράδεισος
परदेश persada
prime परम
साम्य sama
sandals σανδάλια
صندل सैंडल sandal
sir κύριε
سر श्री sri
star αστέρι
ستاره तारा sitara
tea τσάι
چای चाय teh
typhoon τυφώνας
طوفان तूफान taufan
वनिता wanita

Regarding Israel and the Third Temple
Ben Joseph Ben David Tabut
והנעותי בכל הגוים את בית ישראל The End

φίλος philos . فلسطين Palestine Land Of Friends

Oct 25, 2017


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My lovely dream is to wear these سندس وإستبرقما شاء اللهHanfuHijab
Historically the Chinese Muslims arrived in Malacca with Admiral Zheng He
Actually, some Malays are indeed descendants of Chinese ❀ Han


So let's check out the Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, Xinjiang ❀ تجارة عن تراض منكمMillenium BC
Bcoz they're Chinese Muslims in Western China, and they look more TurkishCentral Asians
Hmmm I read the Uyghurs are indeed of Turkic clan ❀ 60% European | NCBI | DNA R1

赠人玫瑰 手有余香
西王母 . 天山
وجعلناكم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا
Where the West meets the East in Urumqi
君子之心不胜其Destiny Is Beautiful量涵盖一世

Remembering the safeguardians
during the era of Malaccan Sultanate

Zheng He . Hang Tuah . Hang Jebat
Hang Kasturi . Hang Lekir . Hang Lekiu

이역 하늘 바라보며 활을 쏘던 선구자

Sep 25, 2017


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Hey look what I found! #baju_melayu #kuwaiti #palestinianEnlightenment
Shocked that the Arabs are like Malays? Here's a link v(~ v ~)v ما شاء الله
AbbasidMongolZheng HeMansur Shah Muar

And for the Malaysian proud Anglos, pls know Kuwaitis can actually look European ☆ Diversity
OK I actually feel what Fouz feels — with the hate against Arab — and yes she said Saudi and hadiah

Yes they can actually look European — like this Canadian Lebanese who lives in Saudi and eats kabsa
They eat cakes too, Dareen Shaker have her own Dees_CakesNBakes 🍰 oh her mom is American

BTW for the Gulf Arabs, they live in luxury & travel to Europe — and yes she said Saudi and musabaqah

As well the Hashemite. OK perhaps Reem Al Hashemi looks Taliban — but she met Queen E, Merkel

And the Hashemite meets the French — Syria and Lebanon was under the French Mandate ref

And pls know that Arab Palestinian can be Christian. Maha is from a village near Nazareth ☆ Matzo

OK I'm posting this just the amuse myself #mudahterhibur Aladdin

أنا زعيم ببيت في ربض الجنة لمن ترك المراء
I am a guarantor for a house in the heart of Paradise for those who quit arguing

Aug 6, 2017

Elul - Hajj

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ما شاء الله do they look like Indo Greeks #ihram #hajj
אני לדודי ודודי לי انا لي داود و داود لي #brotherhood

Good news. Elul is Dzulhijjah this year - insha Allah the month starts on 23rd August 2017. So insha Allah, in two weeks time there will be the hajj, the super massive reunion of mankind on Earth. ما شاء الله may the pilgrims rites be accepted, and may they receive hajj mabrur.

BTW in Masjidil Haram, the most beautiful sight is the tawaf طواف (circling the Kaabah seven times). Does it seem like ... a galaxy of child stars circling the parent star? If I may ... it seems like mankind returning to the place of their parents Adam and Eve - how they seek forgiveness from Ilahi, so they may return to Heaven. And we too seek forgiveness from Ilahi, so we may return to Heaven as well. ☆ Mercy

And there is no one else but you and your beloved - praying to Ilahi alone - the One God Most High
אלהינו ה' אחדإلهنا هو احد ☆ Our God Is One ☆ AshuraWings Of Mercy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
البيت مثابة للناس

the House a place of return for the people [Q2:125-129]

☆ please note the Arabic and Hebrew are similar ☆ Ben DavidThird Temple

Peace be upon you

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