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Mar 26, 2012

Rocks, Gems and Meteors

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The Recipe To Make A Rock

When chemical elements combine, it becomes:
- a rock, when 2 or more elements combine مختلف الوانها [Q35:27]
- a crystal, when an element or mineral grows into a certain shape.

The Rock Cycle

Rocks on this Earth - from mountains, lands etc - are constantly being formed, broken down and then formed again - in a cycle called the Rock Cycle. وترى الجبال تحسبها جامدة وهي تمر مر السحاب [Q27:88] There are 3 types of rocks in this cycle, based on how they're formed. [geology, wiki]

 1  Sedimentary
Formed when erosion broke down bits of rocks, which settle in layers upon layers (sediments). منها لما يهبط [Q2:74] This type of rock may contain fossils. الأرض كفاتا [Q77:25-26] E.g.:






 2  Metamorphic
Formed under ground when the Earth's crust moves, changing a rock with intense heat and pressure (squeezing). [Q27:88] E.g.:






 3  Igneous
Formed when liquid rock (magma) flow out from volcanoes, and then cools & hardens as solid rock. عين القطر [Q34:12] E.g.:






Precious Stones

Rocks are used for constructions, appliances, fuels etc. But some rocks are considered precious for its aesthetic value. الأرض زينة [Q18:17] When cut and polished, these rocks become expensive jewels. Think diamonds!

Spinel, amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, peridot, quartz, ruby

& like cultured pearls, new technology can produce synthetic gems identical to it's natural gems. How? For instance, graphite can turn into diamond, under high pressure & high temperature. This is bcoz both graphite & diamond are pure Carbons (C) - the difference is just in its atomic arrangements. So, by changing the arrangement - the stones will change ماشاء الله

Diamond and Graphite - the same pure Carbon (C), only different in atomic arrangements

As humans are 18% Carbon, so we can actually become diamond. حمإ مسنون [Q15:26 | the anatomy] And I always say this literally... [memorial diamond] (◠ - ◠)'

Meteorites & Space Rocks

The Earth also receives meteorites. These space rocks carry elements, and this is how the Earth received Iron (Fe). وأنزلنا الحديد [Q57:25 | geology]

The early Earth itself was bombarded by meteorites. Through time, some asteroids impacted Earth. وأمطرنا عليها حجارة من سجيل [Q11:82]

Now, the Earth continuously receives a rain of space dust.

Water On Rocks

Rocks on Earth are heated by the Sun (exterior) and the Earth's core (interior). But it is also showered by water. It is water that erodes rocks. Water also filter rocks and store it under ground, which forms springs.

اعوذب لله من الشيطان الرجيم
وإن من الحجارة لما يتفجر منه الأنهار ...
... وإن منها لما يشقق فيخرج منه الماء

... there are stones from which rivers burst forth
and there are some of them that split open and water comes out ...

[Partial Holy Quran 2:74]


I'm still learning. Isn't rocks fascinating! ماشاء الله

I seek refuge in Allah SWT very much from errors
Only Allah SWT Knows Best والله أعلم

Mar 18, 2012

The Towers

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When herdsmen compete in making tall buildings

Do mankind hv the desire to build tall buildings since ancient times? Anyway, I wonder how the Abraj looks now. When I was there, it was still under construction. But I remember fondly her sister clock tower. It was my Cinderella clock tower. So. Will I feel more Cinderella more than ever, with the taller tower? | Rise

& there's plans to construct an even taller building - the Kingdom Tower.
Planned to be ~1km, rivaling the present tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

Even Kuwait wants her tower. The Burj Mubarak. Approved in 2006.

The skyscrapers are rising from the desert sands in Qatar too.


It's something to see the ME sheikhs are now at the forefront of super tall buildings. ما شاء الله
إذا رأيت الرعاء البهم يتطاولون في البنيان | An-Nasai 6.1.4994

In the End of Time, please hold dearly
• ✻ will peace arrive  
before the cold wind
✻ •
The muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand others are safe
... المسلم من سلم ... والمؤمن من أمنه الناس | Tirmidhi 5.38.2627

Mar 15, 2012


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Prophet Muhammad's complete lineage

Below is the lineage of Ishmaelite from Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam (אדם آدم) : The First Man

Prophet Adam [QA] was the first man created by Allah SWT. He & his wife, Hawa lived in the Garden of Eden. But after eating the Forbidden Fruit, they were sent down to Earth. They were separated on Earth, & was reunited at Arafat only after 200 years.

• Arafat (عرفات : recognized) is due to them recognizing each other
• Jeddah (جدة : grandmother) is due to Hawa, the grandmother of mankind

Adam & Hawa have three sons - Cain, Abel and Seth. The first murder was committed when Cain killed Abel. [QA] It was from Seth, that the generations descended to Prophet Enoch .

Prophet Noah (נוח نوح) : Carried On The Ark

Prophet Noah [QA] descended from Prophet Enoch. It was during his time, that the Great Flood perished the people, including his son Qan'aan. [Q11:42-43] Only those on the Ark survived. After the deluge, the Ark rested on Mount Judiyy (الجودى). [Q11:44]

When mankind started again, Noah's sons — Shem, Ham & Japheth — fathered the descendants. وجعلنا ذريته هم الباقين [Q37:75-77] For Shem, he fathered the various semite nations, through his sons — Elam, Asshur, Arpachshad, Lud & Aram. Arpachshad is said to live in Mesopotamia, where his descendants close by. They lived in the Sumerian City of Ur near the Euphrates River.

• "Semite" (ساميّ) is said to be derived from Shem
• "Hebrew" (عبري) is said to derived from Eber

Prophet Abraham (אברהם إبراهيم) : Father Of The Prophets

Prophet Abraham [QA] the descendant of Prophet Noah, fully embraced the faith in One Allah with his pure heart. But his father & his people had become idol worshippers. He advised them but he was rejected. So he left his homeland Ur, and settled in Hebron. الأرض التي باركنا فيها للعالمين [Q21:71] He also traveled around to Harran, Egypt and Mecca.

• Hebron (Al-Khalil), near Jerusalem, is named after Abraham
• The Sanctuary of Abraham in Hebron is believed to be his tomb

His son Prophet Isaac [QA] from his wife Sarah, fathered the Israelite
His son Prophet Ishmael [QA] from his wife Hajar, fathered the Ishmaelite

Prophet Ishmael (ישמעאל إسماعيل) : In Arabia

By Allah's SWT command, Prophet Abraham left his wife Hajar and baby son Ishmael, in the barren land of Mecca. [SB4.55.584] & enough is Allah for them, Zam Zam water burst & flourished the land! Soon, the Jurhum tribe joined them. Prophet Ishmael grew up with them & married a Jurhum girl.

Prophet Abraham also visited them from time to time. Then, Prophet Abraham & Prophet Ishmael built the Ka'aba, the first House of worship for Allah SWT. إن أول بيت وضع للناس للذي ببكة [Q3:96-97] They purified the Kaaba, as well as performed the pilgrimage & sacrifice. البيت مثابة للناس [Q2:125-129 | Q22:26-30]

• Maqam Ibrahim is situated in front of the Ka'aba [Q2:125]
• Zam Zam water is still flourishing till this very day [Q2:158]

Quraysh (قريش) : Custodian Of The Ka'aba

Descendants of Ishmael, or known as Ishmaelite, became rulers in the Hejaz (western region of Arabia). When Fahr became the patriarch of the Quraysh, the tribe became a distinguished tribe in Arabia.

Then, Qusay bin Kilab took over custody of the Kaaba from the Khuza'ah tribe, and the Quraysh became the custodian of the Kaaba. His grandson Hashim, who fathered the Hashemite, started the tradition of giving bread to pilgrims. They safeguarded the Ka'aba & served the pilgrims well.

Hashim is said to be married to Salma bint Amr from the Banu Najjar tribe in Yathrib (Medina). The interesting thing about Salma is, a text thought to be the Medina Constitution states that Banu Najjar are Jews, is it true? Anyway, their son Shaibah, is the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad خاتم النبيين . [Q33:40]
Hashim has a conjoined twin, Abd Shams — where legends said they were separated by a sword. Hashim's descendants from al-Abbas became the Abbasid (in Iraq), while Abd Shams' descendants from Umayya became the Ummayyad (in Syria & Spain).

The family of Quraish, Hashim, Abbas and Umayya
the beloved families of Prophet Muhammad

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from errors
Only Allah SWT Knows Best والله أعلم

Peace be upon you

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