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فمن كان يرجوا لقاء ربه فليعمل عملا صالحا ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه أحدا

Nov 21, 2012

Ben David

Posted By Snow at 11/21/2012

The Jerusalem Temple flower gate (باب الساهرة) | Seal | Foundation Stone
The 8 petals seal seems like the 2-8-8 rule of electron shells (octet rule)

OK, the First Temple of Jerusalem was built by Ben David. Yes it was built by King Solomon [QA], the son of King David [QA]. But after he passed away, the kingdom divided into Israel & Judah — both later fell and exiled — when the Assyrians [ref] conquered Israel, while the Babylons conquered Judah.

.:❄   The 10 Lost Tribes of Israel   ❄:.
ואתנך לברית עם לאור גוים

For the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, they vanished from history altogether. Some suggest they traveled the Silk Road [map], with resemblances across Asia. | civilizations | 1000 BC

For example, the Anahata looks like the Star of David, Deva (David), Asura (Assyrian), Meru (Moriah), Sumeru (Samaria)

अनाहत Anahata

धर्म Dharma chakra

八卦 Bagua


imperial crest

Macedonian star

Ur David is a mummy found in Xinjiang | R1A

ولقد آتينا داود منا فضلا ياجبال أوبي معه والطير وألنا له الحديد [Holy Quran 34:10]
In Islam there is the mountain glorifying Allah SWT with David | Iron Age

Still fortunately, there are survivors in Israel — the Samaritans — they remained in the region. Then when the Persians came, the Jews of Judah returned from exile. But when the Romans came the Jews were exiled again. Until the Arabs came, and the Jews returned from exile.

Restoration Of The Jerusalem Temple

After the light of Islam shines in Medina (מדינה), eventually Islam reached Jerusalem. When Umar al-Khattab peacefully took over Jerusalem from the Romans, he offered protection to the people of Jerusalem through the Covenant of Umar (العهدة العمرية), in which the Jews returned from exile.

It was Umar Al-Khattab who restored the Jerusalem Temple back to the faith of Abraham. The Temple as it was during the First Temple of Solomon — reuniting all Israelite & mankind across the earth.
The legacy of Prophet Abraham [QA] & Prophet Israel [QA] is Islam. The Islamic faith means surrendering in peace to the One God, Allah SWT. أسلمت لرب العالمين [Q2:131-132] It is the Shema Yisrael (שמע ישראל ה' אלהינו ה' אחד) passed down from parent to child.

"Solomon" (שלםה) & "Jerusalem" (ירושלים) root from "shalam" (שלם : peace, safe, complete)
It is "salam" (سلام) in Arabic - the root word for "Islam" (إسلام)

לבבכם שלם let your heart be completely devoted | 1 Kings 8:57-61

The Rights Of The Israelite

During this Islamic Period, it's suggested that the Samaritans embraced Islam. [Levy-Rubin, photo] Thus, Palestinian Muslims with Samaritan ancestry are indeed Israelite — with rights to the Holy Land.

It is also suggested that, the European Jews are actually of mixed Caucasus, European & Semitic ancestries. [E. Elhaik, photo] So if the rest of Israelite have mixed across nations והנעותי בכל הגוים את בית ישראל [Amos 9:9 | Genesis 28:14], do all mankind have rights to the Holy Land just like them?
An example of this mixed marriage is Prophet Muhammad's own great grandparents — Hashim from Bani Ishmael Salma from Bani Najjar, during the Hellenistic Period. In the Medina Constitution, Bani Najjar is stated as Jews. [lineage]

Arabs & Jews are genetic brothers — they are both semites. [NCBI, photo]

Even the Arabic and Hebrew languages are very similar:
אלוה الله
Allah (God)
עבד عبد
abed (servant)
ברכה بركة
baraka (blessing)
אמונה إيمان
iman (faith)
כפרה كفارة
kaffara (atonement)
מנורה منورة
menorah (light)
נביא نبي
nabi (prophet)
נפש نفس
nafs (soul)
קדוש قدس
quds (holy)
קרבן قربان
qurban (sacrifice)
צדקה صدقة
sadaqah (charity)
צום صوم
saum (fast)
צלאה صلاة
solla (pray)
רחם رحم
rahm (mercy)
רוח روح
rouh (spirit)
טהור طهر
tahor (pure)
מלכות בית דוד ملكوت بيت داود
malkut beit Dawood (kingdom of the house of David)

רחמים על העולמות رحمة للعالمين
rahmat lil alamin (mercy to the worlds)

I believe a true Jew can recognize the Jerusalem Temple is restored to the First Temple of Solomon.

Now, if the Temple becomes Jewish, I'm afraid if it will become the Second Temple after they divided. & we wait for the second coming of Prophet Jesus. [QA | prophecy]

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from errors.
Only Allah SWT Knows Best والله أعلم

6 comments on "Ben David"

LM on Nov 27, 2012, 1:13:00 PM said...

Dear Israel, it's the pillar of cloud!!! ماشاء الله
It happened just after this. It's like after unity (white), Israelite divided into various nations (colors). [Q7:168] والله أعلم

Colorful Clouds
New Straits Times | web | pic
25 Nov 2012

"Locals and tourists looking for a place to eat about noon were surprised to see a patch of white clouds with stripes of lightning blue, pink, green, red and yellow against a blue sky. The clouds, could be seen from almost all parts of Malacca, before they disappeared after about an hour..."

LM on Jan 23, 2013, 3:36:00 PM said...

Dear Israel. What is the probability of this! ماشاء الله

LM on Feb 15, 2013, 5:57:00 PM said...

I read that King Saul was the first king of the Israelite. At that time, they were embattled & asked for a king. The Prophet (maybe Samuel) said Allah SWT chose Saul. & the sign is the return of the Ark of Covenant, which they had lost in battle (maybe in Eben-ezer). الحمد لله they defeated Goliath & David became king. [Q2:246-251]

& sorry I can't verify this part. But there's a legend of King Saul's grandson, Afghana. He was orphaned & brought up by King David. It's suggested that "Afghan" is derived from his name & his descendant Qais (קיש, قيس) fathered the Pashtun. The Afghan Genizah indicates there were jews in Afghanistan.

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from errors. والله أعلم

Snow on Mar 31, 2013, 3:05:00 AM said...

ماشاء الله it's Passover! It is the time when Allah SWT saved the Israelites from the Pharaoh. It is also the time when Allah SWT saved Prophet Jesus (PBUH) from being crucified & raised him to the heavens. Apparently, when Prophet Jesus came to Jerusalem, they called him... Hossana Ben David. (*v*)

I think he has no father as a sign that Israelite has spread into nations across the earth & they're not exclusively jews. He was like Prophet Adam (PBUH), the father of mankind. [Q3:59] The message is for all mankind. ♥

Snow on Mar 6, 2016, 7:41:00 AM said...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

يا أهل الكتاب قد جاءكم رسولنا يبين لكم على فترة من الرسل
ۗ أن تقولوا ما جاءنا من بشير ولا نذير ۖ فقد جاءكم بشير ونذير
والله على كل شيء قدير
O People of the Scripture, there has come to you Our Messenger (Muhammad ﷺ) to make clear to you, after a break in (the series of) of messengers, lest you say, "There came not to us any bringer of good tidings or a warner." But there has come to you a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And Allah is over all things Competent.
[Holy Quran 5:19] ♥ seal of the Prophets

Snow on Mar 6, 2016, 7:41:00 AM said...

وإذ قلنا ادخلوا هذه القرية فكلوا منها حيث شئتم رغدا
وادخلوا الباب سجدا وقولوا حطة
نغفر لكم خطاياكم وسنزيد المحسنين
And when We said, "Enter this city and eat therein with (ease and) abundance wherever you wish, and enter the gate in prostration (bowing with humility) and say, 'Forgive us'. We shall forgive your sins for you, and shall increase for the doers of good."
[Holy Quran 2:58] ♥ The End

Peace be upon you

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